At BotCon 2001, I had a chance to meet up with an entire trio of original-show voice actors, and among them was the prolific Gregg Berger. A few months later, we were able to communicate in depth about his TRANSFORMERS days and his lengthy career.

Gregg's Interview



10.07.2001 - 12.15.2001

12.16.2001 -- Usenet


"...most of your questions aren't the kind of things that are answered with one-word replies. You'd make a dangerous lawyer here in the States, Rik."

--Bobbi Carothers

"My thanks to both Rik and Mr. Berger for their time and insight."

--Gabi TM D'Galvatron

"A tremendous job as always, Rik. It truly seemed Mr. Berger took it quite seriously without being overly serious, as it were, taking adequate time to craft straightforward, informative answers to your questions. I think he truly enjoyed it, and it showed."

--Douglas W. Dlin

"Excellent interview, Rikard! This is on a par with the first one you did, the one with Dan Gilvezan!"

--Lars Eriksson

"I thought it was a very professional, very well researched interview. I can't add more to it than that.



"Cool interview."

--Donovan Moser

"Interviews with voice actors always fascinate me. I have had a great interest in the profession and respect for the actors since I realized that Cliffjumper, Bluestreak, and Shaggy from SCOOBY DOO were all voiced by Casey Kasem.

"I particularly like yours, as you ask questions that get some quite interesting (and potentially useful) information from the actors. For example, Mr. Berger saying that to perform Grimlock he contorted the muscles in his face. I do various TRANSFORMERS impersonations (which I'm told are quite good) and Grimlock is one of my favourites to do. I've felt my Grimlock was flagging a little, and this tip has seemed to make my impersonation sound better.

"Thanks for taking the time to conduct and post the interview, and for creating such a great site."

[ No, not the webmaster! ;-) ]

"I really enjoyed the interview. His answers were all positive and such. It was nice to know that he had remembered much about the original series. It's also nice to see that, approximately fifteen years later, voice actors can still contribute to the fandom in the form of interviews.

"Great interview, Rik."

--Brandon Williams