The pursuit of TRANSFORMERS knowledge leads to many a well-spring of information in the official media available to all, but a more difficult task is the uncovering of behind-the-scenes information. Official production values were only available to us in what we were given -- the toys, comics, and cartoon series. Credits abound, of course, but to learn what drove the creative forces behind the whole "mythology" there is only one means to the end: direct contact with the people who made it all happen.

When I grew up in the 1980s watching the show, I never imagined ever being in contact with any of them, much less be able to call some of them my friends, but beginning in mid-2000, I was moved to contact as many of the people involved with the original series as possible in order to shed true light on the process of making it. While my initial attempts yielded no results, I was determined to keep on trying and the spring of 2001 saw the beginning of a surprisingly long line of interviews that have proved, despite my initial misgivings about my journalistic ability, enlightening as well as delightfully entertaining.

I cannot convey sufficient thanks to the many who so kindly agreed to speak to me, endured my not-always-straightforward line of questioning, and trusted me with the visual representation of their responses. My deepest gratitude goes out to all of you for making these endeavours so very worthwhile.