If creating and maintaining a site can be among the loneliest of undertakings, it cannot be done by complete self-preservation. The following is a list of friends, fellow fans, and even official TRANSFORMERS people who have contributed to the development of THE CYBERTRON CHRONICLE, either by helping me in some small (or big) way or simply providing encouragement, feedback, and support. In other words, the following collection of persons:

Jack Angel

Gregg Berger

Wally Burr

Corey Burton

Michael Chain

Paul Davids

Flint Dille

Douglas W. Dlin

David Edwards

Lars Eriksson

Patrik Eriksson

Dick Gautier

Dan Gilvezan

Donald F. Glut

Michael Charles Hill

Casey Kasem

Matt "Jackpot" Kuphaldt

Bryce Malek

Michael McConnohie

John Moschitta, Jr.

L.A. Norris

Hal Rayle

Neil Ross

David Russell

John Stephenson

Jørgen Lid Widing

Brandon Williams

Last but not least, a great thanks to all who have visited THE CYBERTRON CHRONICLE.
I hope you have all enjoyed it, for it really would not have been the same if not for you.