T H E  V O I C E  G A L L E R Y

Though creating this gallery has been quite a labour of love, there have been times when I've asked myself, "Why put yourself through it?" Because, as much as I enjoy being underway on a project, recording and editing all this stuff really was as painstaking and tedious a process as you'll probably assume it must have been once you begin to leaf through the many pages of dialogue samples contained here. It's not just doing all the work with the portable studio I used, it's also a matter of being able to reproduce the vision you have of how it is to be presented. Once I was far enough along in the process that I could see it taking shape, however, I realized that it hadn't exceeded my still-growing abilities and it got to be fun and very satisfying. After all, anyone who pursues the design and upkeep of an on-line web site wants to do something memorable, and this, I felt, was my shot at accomplishing just that.

Although THE VOICE GALLERY is more or less complete from an auditory standpoint, additions or changes are bound to occur from time to time, be they of design or content. There will likely be continuing replacements of dialogue samples whose quality is not optimal (mostly due to my skills at the time of original recording), and the icon illustrations, whose own history you can trace in THE IMAGE PORTFOLIO, will also be updated as I see fit. It is also an important companion piece of sorts to THE VOICE ACTORS GUIDE, locatable in THE CARTOON DOSSIER's Production Data section.

That should give you enough fuel for about 70 laps, but anytime you want to get off, there's just a little bit of distance left to go in this part of the site.