This birthday calendar owes its beginnings to the text-based compilation of Usenet discussion group birthday information assembled by Finnish TransFan Joona I. Palaste and seeks to become the most extensive on-line collection of fandom birth data. Additional information has been culled over the last few years and features the birthdates, screen names, real names, and current locations (the latter two being optional) of all kinds of TRANSFORMERS fans. It makes no difference whether you are an aficionado of the cartoon, the comic, or the toys, or whether you just like to hang out on the newsgroups for some conversation. The only criterion for inclusion is that you are Internet active in some way or other. So, whether you are 9 years old or 22 or 47, no one will be turned away.

The calendar will be updated on as regular a basis as possible, depending on whatever information is gathered beyond what has already been listed here. So, if you want to let the world know in no uncertain terms that you are a TransFan, send me an e-mail by clicking the link in the left-hand menu.