When I originally made THE CYBERTRON CHRONICLE available in August of 1997, it never occurred to me to keep track of whatever progress I made, as my updates were rather infrequent. Sometimes I would update several times a week, sometimes not for months. Only in November of 1999, a few months after giving the site its second lease of life, did I think to document the work I have put into it.

The update frequency was once set to a weekly basis, and for some time, I was able to uphold that rule with surprising stamina and regularity. There were delays from time to time, to be sure, but by now delays have become the norm rather than the exception. The work itself goes more slowly, too, largely because a great deal of the site has begun to reach completion. Despite the idea that a site always under construction -- not to be mistaken for UNDER CONSTRUCTION pages that seem to sit there forever -- is much more fun, I wish there were more time to perfect it. But no matter how much I get done, the end of this "living" document is going to take its sweet time arriving -- if indeed it ever does.

At any rate, here are the records I have of my development of THE CYBERTRON CHRONICLE.