Most TRANSFORMERS fans who keep the comic closest to their hearts are no doubt well and familiar with the various fine comic-dedicated sites available, but this section details an aspect of the comic universe with which I would wager most people are probably unfamiliar: the Norwegian translation.

Although my introduction to THE TRANSFORMERS came in the fall of 1985 with the European debut of the TV series, I remember being almost equally excited when I learned that a TRANSFORMERS comic book was to be released in Norway as well. This was in January of 1987, and the next four years saw me acquiring every single issue that was ever released here, even after my general interest had waned by the middle of 1989. I'm glad I did -- I wouldn't want to search through one thrift store after another to find these things now.

Making this guide has been an interesting journey. It began in 1997 as little more than a list of each year's comic releases along with scans of the covers and changed very little (apart from being affected by some alterations in the layout of the entire site) until the year 2000. Having acquainted myself fully with the U.S. comic, I reorganized everything and included information that showed the relationship between release dates and story content. As much fun as I had with that, I also managed to use it to further my education. Taking a web design course in the spring of 2001, I decided to make an alternate version of it in Norwegian for my course project. I'm glad to say that I passed with flying colours!

Anyway, if your interest in the comic book goes beyond domestic (or even U.K.) releases, this is hopefully a good place to stop along your way to the place of Great Comic Knowledge.