T H E  P U B L I S H E R S

GEVION   Bladkompaniet   Atlantic

THE TRANSFORMERS was, as noted, published in Norway by three publishing companies. They were GEVION Norsk Forlag AS (GEVION Norwegian Publishing Company, LTD.), Bladkompaniet AS (The Comic Company, LTD.), and Atlantic Forlag AS (Atlantic Publishing Company, LTD.). From what I can tell, GEVION no longer exists; it has proved impossible to track down any information about any current activities, and the contacts that might have had information told me they've heard no mention of GEVION for years. Bladkompaniet is still around publishing books and comics. To learn more about them, click HERE. As for the third company, Atlantic, it appears that the Norwegian affiliate has been closed for an extended period of time. Offices remained in Sweden for a long time, but according to a Swedish contact, the company was purchased by another Swedish publishing company, Medströms, in 1994. Medströms sold their comic productions in the year 2000, but there has been no sign of either Atlantic or their comics for several years.