In September 1996, I got acquainted with a very neat program called MICROANGELO, whose small size and wide area of use makes it great value for money. Plus, it allows you to do nearly anything imaginable with icons and cursors. It and a TRANSFORMERS desktop theme I found on-line at a friend's computer the preceding summer inspired me to put together a few TRANSFORMERS desktop themes of my own. Use them all on your computer with my blessing, but if you have intentions to display any of the files on a site of your own or use them in your own desktop theme, do credit me with making them.

Specially designed for WINDOWS 95 and upward, the themes are modeled on the American cartoon's three first seasons and THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE. I created them from September 1996 to July 1997 and they feature a varied mixture of icons, animated cursors, sound samples, and wallpapers.

Many hours of intense work went into the attempts at getting the icons and cursors as close to the "real thing" as possible. The sound samples were recorded on analog equipment and then digitized. I scanned the wallpapers (bar the SEASON TWO and MOVIE themes) and retouched them as necessary.

Installation and maximum effect should easily be achieved on any Windows operating system newer than Windows 2000 and computers will generally have the needed graphics and audio capabilities to render the themes as they should be seen. Even Zip files will be standard components of your computer.

Unfortunately, some of the default cursors must be installed individually, since they do not seem directly "connected" to the themes. This also applies to some sound files, like the New Mail Notification sound.

To install / change the default cursors, I recommend MICROANGELO icons and cursors application. It includes the Engineer, which enables you to change more icons and cursors than any other application you could probably name. To install the "extra" sound files, consult the control panel of your computer.