Although I am a far more intuitive than deliberate person in my experience of things I enjoy, I sometimes do get inspired and dedicate myself to detailed analysis, enabling me to partake in lengthy newsgroup discussions or put things into perspective in essays like the ones featured in the CARTOON DOSSIER. It can be a great deal of fun, especially when others offer comments inspired by your own thoughts. However, given that I do this on a very infrequent basis (other TRANSFORMERS fans possess enviable prowess when it comes to putting things under the proverbial looking glass), my opinions and feelings on whatever I feel like discussing will appear very intermittently, but you may still enjoy my perspective.

What will probably be easier for me to relate are a number of experiences I have had as a fan, travelling to attend conventions and even encountering some of the people who worked on the original TV series.

What is here to see so far has been arranged as logically as possible -- choose your pleasure.