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HOLOGRAM STUDIOS: The Website Maintenance Area or All Those Endless Nights of Sleep I Lost.

In case you have already browsed the other sections, I hope you enjoyed them. If, however, you came here first, this is it -- the big ol' ego section. There is much to be said for modesty, but I find no fault with showing face as long as it does not express embarrassing self-aggrandizement. Of course, that is hardly a guarantee that one could not be embarrassed at some of my thoughts and ideas.

I am probably a natural anthropologist, as I enjoy knowing a little about the people behind the various TRANSFORMERS sites out there -- those of particular interest, anyway -- and it adds to the fun of meeting them at conventions and the like. I like to see what makes them tick and how it may or not affect their work and their views on the phenomenon that somehow binds us all together.

So who am I? Well, my name is Rikard Bakke (I tell my English-speaking friends to call me Rik). I have achieved the "venerable" age of 35 and I am a native of Oslo, the capital of the northern European country of Norway, where I grew up and still reside and work. I work for the Logistics department of a multimedia company called GET AS in the capacity of purchaser. GET provides digital HD TV, broadband Internet service, and VoIP telephony, all through coaxial cable. I make sure there is always technical equipment in stock, both for network expansion (aerial and subterranean) and for customer consumption.

What spare time I have goes into listening to music, watching movies, reading, hiking, and spending time with those dear to me. In other words, nothing too extraordinary or idiosyncratic (though I will freely admit to tendencies of the latter). I have dabbled in music over the years as a keyboardist and writer / composer and I still sing every single day under the Sun. Oh, and whenever I have the time and the inspiration, of course, I work on TRANSFORMERS-related projects like THE CYBERTRON CHRONICLE.

Again, welcome to the site -- I hope you enjoy it.