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Although I must confess to being relatively inactive on this end of things, I have had a few dealings related to TRANSFORMERS merchandise along the way. Here are a couple of recommendations:


  • www.digital-toys.com

    I highly recommend this excellent site. Spearheaded by Mike Stefanik, it has a very healthy selection of TRANSFORMERS toys, whether your preference is of the original U.S. line, GENERATION 2, MACHINE WARS, BEAST WARS, BEAST MACHINES, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, ARMADA, ENERGON, or various European and Japanese imports. Stock updated often. Highly reliable dealer whose dealer tables are usually found at the annual BotCon convention.


  • www.hlj.com

    This company carries various Takara products of recent production, most especially the PVC figurines that were first made available in the year 2000 but also reissues of original toys such as Starscream and Ultra Magnus. Reliable dealer with easy terms and quick and secure delivery.