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Although you might believe otherwise after seeing this site, THE TRANSFORMERS doesn't constitute my entire life. I have other great loves, too, such as music and other television shows. Here are a few sites that I have tended to visit quite often:


  • www.allmusic.com

    This site attempts to be a comprehensive guide to music of all styles and ages. Offering record reviews, artist biographies, and discographies, it's far from complete and does have a few mistakes, but it's a site in development, and it invites you to submit corrections or provide them with information where there is none.


  • www.beegeesonline.com

    One of my favourite bands launched a new site in 2001 to coincide with the release of their latest studio CD, THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN. It features steadily updated news, great photos, and a cool interactive timeline complete with images and music videos. With the sad passing of Maurice Gibb,


  • Ever since THE PRETENDER debuted in 1996, I've been a huge fan of the show. It captured my imagination with almost the same kind of urgency that THE TRANSFORMERS had done more than a decade before. This is the PRETENDER-related site at which I've spent the most time. Unfortunately, it seems to be down for the time being.