Long before I knew of the writing format called fan fiction, I was always dreaming up TRANSFORMERS ideas that I never thought to put down on paper (with the exception of a school composition or two and a failed attempt at a comic book) until I was well into my twenties. Even now, with the satisfaction of one of my stories garnering a popular Internet award, I have completed comparatively little as real life gets in the way. But given time, this will grow into a complete compendium of TRANSFORMERS stories.

They are entirely based on the original cartoon and hope to capture its atmosphere. This applies equally to the depictions of my own characters and my portrayals of the official ones. While some stories are my take on what might have come after the end of the original series, others are boyhood fantasies and adolescent ideas that I am finally bringing to life, albeit hopefully in a more adult manner than would have been the case decades ago. It IS assumed that the reader is in possession of some rudimentary knowledge about the cartoon, but I do tend to include backstory references which will hopefully help putting everything into context. Four stories are so far complete, and more are, of course, on the way.

An aspect I have been incorporating into my stories in recent times is musical accompaniment. I have been writing music since late 1987 and in 1999 began composing music specifically for my stories. I also exhumed a few older compositions that I feel might be appropriate. As you might expect, it is all instrumental and intended to accentuate the mood of the story as it progresses. Each music file is linked at the moment it becomes relevant to a particular segment. The best results are achieved by first downloading all the files (via links on the introductory pages) in order to have them cached and ready, then click on the links in the story to make the music play as immediately as possible. This way, you will not have to wait to read on for more than a few seconds at the most. I appreciate that this might seem complicated, but I really believe that you will get something extra out of the stories if you give it a try.

All officially recognized and copyrighted characters featured in these tales are the property of their respective copyright / trademark owners, and if I do infringe on these rights, it is for no financial reward.