The Ghost of Benignus
June 1999 Rikard Bakke
Conceived Summer 1987


Cybertron enters another golden age and the Autobots stand on the threshold of new hope. The Decepticons' whereabouts uncertain, the Autobots begin work on completing the restoration of Cybertron begun by a planetwide reenergization. Simultaneously, their homeland is to be re-mapped. But their mission, while coming off to an auspicious start, takes an unexpected turn. An ancient mystery awaits.

A U T H O R ' S  N O T E

When I first thought of this story, I had an entirely different format in mind. The original idea was to write and draw a long, "epic" comic, but, while several of the focal points of the concept were present, I didn't know where to go with it. Thus, the comic never went beyond a somewhat botched first page and an unfinished cover (part of which can be seen among my hand drawn art in THE IMAGE PORTFOLIO). The idea must have meant something to me, though, because it stayed with me for a good 10 years. After being introduced to the concept of fan fiction, I wrote a skeleton of the story toward the tail end of 1997, and 18 months later, it was completed. Talk about your long gestation periods.

Incidentally, the name of the title character was originally... wait for it... Friendimus Prime. Lame, I know, but give me a break, huh? I was only a couple of months shy of 13 at the time of thinking it up. Thank the stars for the poetic benefit of reaching twice that age!

O R I G I N A L  P U B L I C A T I O N

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