T H E  T I M E L I N E

AFTER THE FIRE (June 1989)

THE MATRIX AND ME (September 1994)

Earth has played host to the Autobot-Decepticon war for 10 years, but there is no sign of any lessening in battle intensity. A status quo is maintained, but a continuing loss of forces beckons on the horizon.

BLINDSPOT (May 1996)

Decepticon tactics grow increasingly difficult for the Autobots to counter, as indications grow ever stronger that the former may prove to have the edge over their arch foes in the final analysis.

HOW COLD THE NIGHT (February 2001)

Cybertron is closer to its death bed than ever before. Desperation now drives the Autobots to seek solutions in dangerous, far-away places as they not only face the ravages of the Decepticons but also the extinction of their homeland.


Under the renewed control of the Autobots, Cybertron is restored to a second Golden Age and Decepticon activity is abruptly interrupted. As the Decepticons' fate hangs in the unknown, the Autobots begin securing and rebuilding their homeworld.

A SECOND LOOK (October 2007)

It is a time of peace and prosperity, albeit with the threat of war constantly lurking in the shadows as the scattered Decepticons reunite and prepare their return to form.


The Decepticons enjoy a massive build-up of energy and gain territory by overtaking several planets, which, though small in size and scope, are rich in resources. Conquest of the universe remains their primary goal; vengeance on the Autobots comes a close second.

REUNION OF THE HEART (February 2008)

Cybertron is now restored to the full in every sense. However, Autobot and Decepticon activity is on the threshold of collision.

DARK REVIVAL (August 2010)

The fourth Great War continues -- but in a time where new technology is not always the answer.


In another plane, where war and peace are abstracts, enlightenment is for the giving.